XtendŽ MA/MH (modified atmosphere/modified humidity) bulk and food service packaging is used by fruit and vegetable packers around the world to preserve produce quality and freshness, guarantee successful trade transactions, and increase sales and revenues.

Whether packed in the field or in the packing house, XtendŽ breathable packaging

  • Extends fresh produce storage and shelf life
  • Preserves fresh flavor and nutritional value
  • Reduces supply chain waste
  • Helps bridge seasonal gaps
  • Reduces logistical costs (sea/land transport instead of air freight)

XtendŽ bulk packagings are available for over 50 fruit and vegetable types as -

  • Standard carton liners
  • Food service bags

Breathable packaging - fresher produce longer!


For more information on XtendŽ  bulk carton liners for fresh produce packaging please contact us at: info@stepac.com

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