StePac - Pioneers in Freshness Technology

StePac is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, precision engineered modified atmosphere and modified humidity fresh produce packaging.

StePac’s packaging solutions reduce weight loss, slow the respiration and aging processes and inhibit microbial decay of fresh fruits and vegetables. it thereby preserve the freshness and reduce supply chain waste as well as allowing for longer storage and shelf life and facilitating greater shipping/transporting distances.

StePac is the powerhouse behind the globally recognized Xtend®, Xflow, and Xgo brands of Modified Atmosphere / Modified Humidity (MA/MH) packaging solutions for fresh produce.

StePac’s product range includes preformed carton liners, films for bulk flow packing of produce, bin liners and pallet shrouds as well as retail packaging solutions of preformed bags, roll stock and lidding films for automated packing.