Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for Broccoli


Xtend® breathable bags and liners for fresh produce preserves broccoli quality and freshness during prolonged storage and shipment by-

  • Minimizing dehydration and weight loss, thereby preserving firmness
  • Preventing decay
  • Preventing discoloration & yellowing 
  • Slowing senescence (aging)


Xtend® Added Value

Eliminates ice and the potential contamination from ice; also eliminates the messy slush resulting from melted ice

  • Iceless packing enables field packing and closure followed by traditional cooling processes
  • Replaces waxed cartons
  • Reduces transportation costs by freeing space taken up by ice
  • Enables vacuum cooling in the carton through the venting system
  • Iceless system is compatible with the Xcool QA traceability system monitoring weight and temperature of broccoli
  • Facilitates transportation by land and sea
  • Ensures uniform and consistent quality
  • Prolongs storage and shelf life & reduces waste in the supply chain


Xtend packaging is available for

broccoli, Broccolini®, Tender Stem®, Asparation® and BIMI®


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