Xtend® MA/MH (modified atmosphere/modified humidity)  packaging is used by fruit and vegetable packers around the world to preserve produce quality and freshness, guarantee successful trade transactions, and increase sales and revenues.

Whether packed in the field or in the packing house, Xtend® breathable packaging—

  • Extends fresh produce storage and shelf life
  • Preserves fresh flavor and nutritional value
  • Reduces supply chain waste
  • Helps bridge seasonal gaps
  • Reduces logistical costs (sea/land transport instead of air freight)

Xtend® MA/MH giant bin liners (2.5 x 2.5 meters) are available forpomegranates and melons and are suitable for extended storage periods.

Using the Xtend® 200-400Kg bins instead of cartons represents a considerable saving associated with reduced labor costs, packaging costs, and also represents a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

The Xtend® bin liners are also designed to provide a desirable modified atmosphere (MA), which slows down respiration, inhibits ethylene and decay and thereby maintains freshness during prolonged storage and transportation


Breathable packaging — fresher produce longer!


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