StePac L.A. Ltd. (StePac) was founded in 1992. A technologically advanced manufacturing company, we specialize in providing technological solutions to the medical industry our CARERITE® line of infection control barrier films and sterilization bags for the medical community. Our Carerite® clients include medical, dental, veterinary clinics. StePac utilizes the most sophisticated plastics extrusion machinery, bag conversion machinery, and printing equipment to produce the highest quality packaging all of which is augmented by our advanced, and uniquely developed hardware and software data processing and communications devices.

Our products are manufactured under strict GMP Procedures and are ISO 9001 certified, FDA registered, ADA approved, and CE marked. All Carerite products are registered and approved by the Ministry of Health, Russia. StePac meets and strives to exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and industry recommendations. We take pride in our professional dedication, total commitment to quality, and reliable service.

Stepac L.A , LTD.’s Carerite division is selling its quality products on a global basis. Its client base includes such companies as Henry Schein Inc., U.S.A.; Pearson Dental, U.S.A.; Septodont Specialties, France; Dental Gaucho, Brasil; Greenberg Dentales, Argentina and more.

StePac's CARERITE® line offers sterilization and infection control solutions to the medical and dental community

Self Seal Sterilization Bags

Carerite Self Seal Sterilization Bags are designed for medical tool sterilization in both steam and dry heat sterilization processes. The transparent bag permits easy view of contents and tacked seals protect from accidental opening and contamination. Process indicators on the bags indicate that effective sterilization has occurred. Thumb notches allow for easy peel and opening. Available in a variety of sizes.

Nylon Sterilization Rolls

Carerite Nylon Sterilization Rolls can be used in both dry and steam heat sterilization processes. Available with or without sterilization indicators, as well as, with or without perforation. The transparent nylon bag permits convenient view of contents. Available in a variety of sizes.