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Functional Packaging Meets Automation
StePac steps up to growing demand for automation with leaner packaging and less waste

Xtend packaging retains the waxy bloom of blueberries
Bloom, taste and firmness are key factors in Chinese consumers purchasing decision

Innovating for Success: How StePac L.A. Ltd. is developing new packaging solutions to meet changing market needs
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Functional Packaging Reduces Waste and Cuts Costs
Innovative packaging to keep blueberries fresh through supply chain

StePac leads responsible supply chain with innovative packaging

StePac takes on cherry challenge
StePac takes on cherry challenge - Xgo modified atmosphere resealable lidding film extends shelf life of Chilean Cherries for Chinese. Read how StePac and Tadbik joined forces to make this happen.

StePac Unveils New Logo for Xtend and Xgo Product Lines
StePac Unveils New Logo for Xtend and Xgo Product Lines

Israel-based StePac develops novel modified-humidity films for retail

Fresh and innovative: Novel Packaging Solutions Offered by StePac at Fruit Logistica 2018

Modified Atmosphere Packaging: The Freshest Technology Out There!
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No More Blues Over Blueberry Shipments Using Advanced StePac Xtend Packaging Technolog

Retailers Get Excited About New StePac Technologies Used in Fresh Produce Packaging

Fresh Ideas in MA Packaging

Johnson Matthey buys Stepac
Fruitnet (EUROFRUIT)

Johnson Matthey Acquires StePac L.A.
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Shelf life extends in fresh cut
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Postharvest pathology of beans
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