To serve the fresh produce industry by facilitating successful fresh produce transactions throughout the industry supply chain by offering innovative packaging and state of the art support technologies, products, and services.

 Reducing Food Waste in the Supply Chain

Xtend® is all about ensuring that a higher percentage of produce reaches its destination in top quality condition. Not only does this mean higher profitability to our customers, it also translates into waste reduction in the supply chain, making an important contribution to furthering sustainable logistics practices.

Minimizing shrinkage to retailers begins the minute produce is harvested and continues throughout the supply chain until fruit and vegetables reach consumers' homes. Since 1995 we have been helping growers and suppliers reduce the amount of fresh produce discarded as waste.

Minimum shrink to retailer

Our Xtend MA/MH bulk, carton liner, bin liners and food service bags have been helping to reduce food waste in the supply chain, estimated by some to be as high as 30% of transported fruits and vegetables. 

Waste reduction begins in the field

Over the years, we have developed a highly integrated approach to marketing our products and services. We share our wealth of post-harvest knowledge about best cooling, sanitizing, storing and transporting procedures with our Xtend® customers around the world. We work closely with them to help them obtain maximum packaging performance, so that less produce is lost in the supply chain.

Shipped vs. air freighted

By significantly extending storage and shelf life for over 60 types of fruit and vegetables, Xtend® packaging often enables suppliers to choose to ship produce via land or sea rather than to transport by air. While not directly affecting waste reduction, this never the less, is an important contribution towards carbon neutral, sustainable supply chain practices.