Sustainability is at the very heart of Xtend MA/MH technology that company StePac L.A. Ltd. invented more than 20 years ago. Today, fully owned by global leader in sustainable technology, Johnson Matthey, the company has an innovative line of freshness extension products, customized to suit the precise conditions needed to achieve impressive shelf life results in a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

In a time when the United Nation's FAO, (Food and Agriculture Organization) has announced to the world that over 50% of global fresh produce perishes before it makes it to our plate, it is more relevant than ever to be part of the solution to reduce waste and prolong the viability of our global food resources. Our R&D teams based in our postharvest and polymer laboratory in Israel and the impressive Johnson Matthey Science Research Center in Sonning, UK are dedicated to developing the next generation of waste reduction solutions that will further increase the shelf life of perishable products with the greatest attention to environmental stewardship.

Johnson Matthey serves the fresh produce and floral industries with customized modified atmosphere/modified humidity (MA/MH) packaging solutions and post-harvest consultation for preserving shelf life throughout the supply chain. Customer benefits include reduced wastage, sea as opposed to air freight, extended seasonality, market expansion and buffering stock in advance of periods of high demand.