What is Modified Atmosphere/ Modified Humidity Packaging?

StePac Modified Atmosphere/ Modified Humidity packaging is engineered so that the packed produce equilibrates within the optimal range of O2 and CO2 concentrations for that specific fruit/vegetable. This slows senescence and ripening processes, maintains the nutritional value and flavor, and inhibits the growth of pathogens, thereby reducing decay. In addition, the relative humidity in the packaging increases to 90-95%. This modified humidity reduces dehydration and weight loss, prevents shriveling and preserves produce firmness. StePac films eliminate excess moisture, thereby maintaining produce appearance and inhibiting decay. The resulting conditions inside of the packaging ensure prolonged storage and shelf life of fresh produce and flowers.

All our packaging films are manufactured with raw materials that comply with strict International regulations and are suitable for direct contact with whole fruits and vegetables, fresh or chilled and processed fruits and vegetables. All products are manufactured in compliance with BRC IOP, HACCP and ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.

How is Xtend different from other products in the market?

StePac products are different from other freshness packaging in the industry due to the careful research and development that has gone into engineering specific films that create the optimal conditions required for each different fresh produce item in order to achieve the greatest possible freshness extension and thus maintain best produce quality. This coupled with our unparalleled technical customer support delivered by post-harvest experts ensures the highest packaging performance for our customers.